A-SRP-01-CADIF - quick drying infrared panel

Robaina Direct

SRP-01-CADIF - This is a new way to cure paint. Infrared diffused technology allows the panels to cure from a very short distance, 4" to 8" ( 10 – 20 cm max), maximizing the performance with a very low energy consumption. QUADRATO can cure a panel at 158°F (70°C) and deliver the same performances of a spray booth even in an open indoor area. A better option compared to IR / type driers because of the following characteristics:

  • ➤  Light weight assembled weight of approximately 27 lbs

  • ➤  Easy to move - just pickup and reposition

  • ➤  Gentle on the water borne primers (easy to be burnt with conventional IR dryiers)

  • ➤  Gentle on the water borne primers (will not burn surface like conventional IR driers)

  • ➤  Low consumption  – 120V single phase / 15 amp

  • ➤  Large working surface: 3 sq. feet

  • Made in Italy

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Type: Plastic Repair Accessories

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